About Us


OTS is dedicated to identifying and developing investment opportunities worldwide. We provide the framework to enable effective communication between investors, manufacturers and clients for eco-friendly housing, hospitals, infrastructure, renewable energy projects in fact for any project. We transcend cultural barriers to bridge the gaps and develop business opportunities to the point of contract negotiation and full supply. Our primary focus is to secure development opportunities with Government and private clients, and then liaise with our finance and technology partners and suppliers to implement apt solutions.

The OTS team of global strategic partners comprises of individuals with a solid background and extensive experience in construction, infrastructure projects, payment services  and renewable energy. Together they possess a wealth of experience in financial control, project management, strategic analysis, risk management and IT consultancy, where our team have full experience in cyber currency transactions & blockchain.

Core Values

OTS is committed to excellence; we adopt a consistent and transparent approach with all stakeholders. Our reputation for integrity and fair dealing is vitally important in winning and retaining this trust, especially when dealing with Government contracts.