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Overseas Trading Services Ltd (OTS) was founded in 2003 and registered in the UK in 2006 where it now has its head office in London, United Kingdom with representative offices in Switzerland, Hong Kong, & China

OTS is a consultancy company, committed to finding investment for all types of projects especially in eco-friendly low-cost housing, construction, infrastructural projects and renewable energy and is in a perfect position to penetrate the strong and growing markets for new generation technologies.

With over 70 years of combined experience, the directors of the company have put together a team of experienced personnel that will bring each scheme to fruition and can arrange project funding subject to certain criteria ) for all aspects of any project

As we continue to deplete the Earth’s resources such as water, attempts to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, and seek out solutions to the cold hard fact that we quite simply are running out of energy, a new global consciousness is on the rise. Housing and energy are the two most required items in the world. Overseas Trading Services is currently working in Africa, (which is the fastest growing economy outside of Asia), the Caribbean and Central America to find solutions to these shortages by being able to introduce clients to the most technically advanced factories in the world and funders who are able to fund large projects.

Our suppliers bring to the table a wealth of experience, using hi-tech factories and producing everything in the most sophisticated way, therefore maintaining the highest quality of manufacturing. Our low-cost, eco-friendly and rapid build housing systems are among the most competitive in the world we have suppliers who are able to manufacture,if required on a full EPC turnkey operation.

OTS suppliers also offer a wide range of renewable technologies, including commercial solar farms, domestic solar installations, waste-to-energy plants and LED street lighting. We engage with technology experts, specialist lenders, and local construction teams, to ensure that the right solution is delivered on time and within budget. Our suppliers are also aware that local employment is extremely important and therefore we can arrange our suppliers to set up full training facilities to enable the local workforce to take an active role in the construction.

Utilising our expertise in dealing with governments, large corporations and private high net worth individuals, our suppliers are able to construct hospitals, office buildings, International airports, leisure complexes, harbors, free-zone complexes and all infrastructures including roads and bridges.

Knowledge, technical innovation and teamwork are at the center of everything we believe in. We focus on leveraging these assets to deliver solutions that improve performance and productivity. In this new era of virtual currency, Overseas are able to accept all virtual currency and exchange for Dollars and Euros if requested. Blockchain transactions are no longer a thing of the furure, they are working now to help speed & control all transactions.