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The details of each of the Directors and key management are set out below.

ronnie RON DVORKIN – Chief Executive Officer
Ron is the founder of the business. He is an entrepreneur with over 40 years’ experience in working overseas, especially in China , Asia, Africa, the Caribbean and the Middle East, and has travelled extensively all over the world, forging business partnerships with various Governments and Government Ministers. He has direct relationships with key leaders and Presidents which will ensure that the Company has a competitive edge when negotiating lucrative new project opportunities. Ron also has many strong contacts with Chinese manufacturers and high net worth individuals where he has worked for many years.

JEREMY TING – Chief Financial Officer
Jeremy is a chartered accountant and has 40 years’ of extensive experience in corporate management at board level both in Hong Kong and the United Kingdom. Jeremy is experienced in overseas trading and works with a number of International companies.

His Excellency is a UK Honorary Consul for Guinea-Bissau West Africa. He is domiciled in Lugano, Switzerland with offices in Lugano, Riga, Los Angeles and Hong Kong.
He has a law degree, and a master’s degree in economic science in Lugano, Switzerland. His Excellency is advisor to many financial and Government institutions on many African financial and economic problems,. He is an independent asset manager for Societe Generale, Switzerland. His expertise in is finance, strategic planning, construction and minerals

Professor Stanley Okolo is medical Director of First Consultants Nigeria Ltd in the state of Enugu, Nigeria. Professor Okolo is well known in the UK as well as in a number of Nigerian states where he has many high level government contacts.
Professor Okolo set up First Consultants Nigeria Ltd which is fully staffed, to service a proposed diagnostic medical centre in the process of being constructed. Professor Okolo will be responsible for overseeing all hospital and health construction projects. The Professor lives in both London and Nigeria

Izzie has extensive knowledge in technology, computer software/hardware and its integration with computer needs. Izzie has vast experience in creating systems, databases and interface related to the banking structures and finance sectors.
Izzie speaks fluent Spanish, English, French and Dutch


LOUISLOUIS ALBA – Overseas Project Manager
Louis Abia is a young astute professional and entrepreneur who has risen over the ranks within a short period. A seasoned graduate of Electrical Electronics Engineering alongside other certifications in project management.
He started his career in the telecommunication industry and after years of hard work and passion he ventured in to the housing market, which has taken him to where he is now. Louis is based in Abuja, Nigeria where he has served on the board of directors for a number of companies. Louis strives to be amongst the best at all times and is happy to travel.

ALI ALI JOHNSON – Construction
Ali studied construction management and finance at the University of Westminster. Ali has experience and understanding of designing and executing projects. After his studies at Westminster University he worked for France’s biggest construction company Bouygues UK in a £244m construction of the Government Home Office Headquarter project. Ali was also involved in the implementation of the Government’s new multimillion Green Deal initiative which intends to make every home and business in the UK more energy efficient by the use of modern technology and services.
Ali is an advocate of the modernization of society by the more efficient use of energy, as well as more efficient business processes and organization, and effective use of modern technology. Ali is instrumental in providing project management experience to the Company.

Tomike holds a law degree and master’s degree in Law. She is an experienced legal consultant with a focus on international law, especially in Africa. Currently she is providing legal support and a strong network base for the company.
She is on a mission to negotiating and concluding on high net worth projects and also creating opportunities for the company with positive outcome.

JAMESJAMES GREEN – Risk Security advisor
James is an expert in Business Intelligence. With over 13 years of practical & management experience in conducting intelligence operations, due diligence and analysis for corporate and governmental institutions, he is also the CEO of Intelligent Risk Solutions a company specialising in global actionable intelligence solutions for the corporate sector.
James is a specialist in Middle Eastern Affairs and has advised multi-national institutions and FTSE 500 companies to assist in their global activities and decision making process using his wide range of operatives and unique intelligence network.
James was Educated at Durham University in Arabic & Middle Eastern Studies and has worked for a variety of governmental and non-governmental international organizations in London, Washington DC, Cairo and Tel Aviv.
He is fluent in Arabic, French & English and additionally speak Italian, Farsi and Hebrew.

WILLWILL APPIAH – animation, design and 3D video
Will Appiah was born in London, England and was educated at the London College of Printing (divisions of the University of the Arts London). After graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Media Design, Will briefly relocated to Los Angeles to pursue his career in design for Entertainment.
Will is the head designer at Digital Shoguns a Studio based in North London

Will is now a 3d generalist, having designed and created a diverse range of projects from characters and animation to renders for graphics packages, commercials and visual effects. His portfolio includes brands such as Monopoly, Scrabble, and Game of Life to name a few. He has also worked as a 3d generalist/media designer for the Lego Company and Hasbro



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Gordon House
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Barclays Bank PLC
1250 High Road
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7 Soho Square,
London W1D 3QB

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City Tower
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