UOTS is very fortunate to work with some of the largest and most reputable factories in China including the largest producers of Cement, glass, gypsum board and steel framed houses in the world.
The factories are able to produce anything from a single story1 bedroom bungalow to a 4 story block of apartments, using their Rapid Build Steel Frame building system.

UOT have their own team working with the factories to make sure all aspects of production and timing are adhered to, clients are free to visit any of our factories.

Our suppliers are also able to quote on a supply only basis or a full EPC Turnkey operation. Our factories are able to provide technical and managerial staff to help teach local construction companies their method of engineering.

Our factories are dedicated to developing and innovating building systems under the most strict international quality standards. All components for housing and building are prefabricated in the factory and the assembled on-site. There are no wet operations and because of the short construction period there is a reduction of noise, dust and waste.

See below examples;

This picture shows one of our key building methods, where a frame is constructed, using our light steel rapid build system. It is then clad with the specified inner and outer layers as per the agreed specification.

Alternatively the walls can be fully constructed in the factory and then brought to the site and erected. The quality of the cold steel, computerised production is world class and we are very proud of this capability.