Global Sourcing


What Is Global Sourcing?

Global sourcing is the practice of sourcing from the global market for goods and services across geopolitical boundaries. Global sourcing often aims to exploit global efficiencies in the delivery of a product or service. These efficiencies include low cost skilled labour, low cost raw material and other economic factors like tax breaks and low trade tariffs.

The whole point of global sourcing is to find better sources of supply around the world, offering improved quality and lower prices.

We combine process and technology excellence to drive efficient and flexible procurement that global sourcing offers with its many benefits, including lower costs, faster go-to market time and a broader resource pool.

All organizations need to be deliberate and focused on their sourcing activities to succeed today and in the years ahead. Based on research, investment made to extend and/or automate the strategic sourcing process can yield significant and long-lasting benefits.

The key to success is effective collaboration, strong communication and execution, which together, can help to extend a sourcing team’s impact throughout the enterprise.
We examine the pressures and challenges facing all companies, this is why our team with its 60 years of experience and with our global partners can supply both private organisations and Governments around the world;


Our expertise include but are not limited to;

1. Full medical & Healthcare products (including licensed pharmacy medications & infection prevention)
2. Manufacturing
3. Technology
4. Consumer goods
5. Retail goods
6. Communication
7. Energy & Utilities
8. LED lighting
9. Electronics

Strategy and transformation


We enable procurement functions to deliver business outcomes by designing and implementing strategies and programs that include:

  • Procurement diagnostics to assess the maturity and effectiveness of the procurement function and shape the required transformation initiatives
  • Operating model design, implementation, and optimisation
  • Capability assessment, development, and training with our Procurement Academy framework
  • Improved financial integration and visibility between the business, finance, and procurement
  • Supply chain optimization with an integrated network of buyers and suppliers
  • Third-party risk management for assessing and mitigating supply chain risk

Sourcing and supplier management


The current business context required a strategic approach to sourcing and logistics, demanding that organizations re-think their strategies in these areas.

Nowadays, two in every three managers consider sourcing – compared to other functions – to be a source of competitive advantage for organizations.

Leadership’s approach to sourcing and procurement includes:

  • Defining and operationalising the sourcing strategy which involves the analysis of expenditures (in terms of purchasing volumes and prices) and suppliers (level of dependence and supply), definition of which products to purchase in a centralized manner, definition of the sourcing strategy per category, market consultation and re-negotiation of contracts;
  • Operational Structuring of the Sourcing Function, through which we support organizations to improve their internal organization in the procurement and logistics areas. This implies defining agile structures, with adequate employees for each function, harmonized internal processes, focusing on cost reduction and according to legal practices, with supporting documentation and procedural pieces in line with the best practices and performance monitoring tools that expose sourcing function’s true value;
  • The procurement outsourcing solution that enables organizations to benefit from the immediate experience and external support in their sourcing function. These benefits derive from the support of operational experts on the matter, that ensure value maximization in every purchase and the reporting and validation of strategic decisions solely when essential, allowing managers greater focus on their business’ core activities. An alternative approach could be the establishment of sourcing centrals, a solution that allows for a greater centralized coordination of sourcing strategies, swifter processes, broader use of the best suppliers, and, consequently, greater aggregate volumes to negotiate.

  • Customised Warehousing & Storage Solutions


    We can provide a bespoke and flexible warehousing services to a diverse client base from storage facilities of over 200,000 sq ft to provide conveniently located, secure, modern, high bay, multi user warehousing space. We are also able to offer a number of modern onsite office suites available for client use / rental should they require them.

    All of the warehousing units provide ambient temperature operational capacity with pallet racking, dock levellers, shelving for fast or single item picking and bulk staging areas for re-working or special projects.

    We can provide both dedicated and shared-user warehouses which are controlled with inventory management systems which provide bar coded tracking of stock from receipt through to delivery. Regular stock reporting takes place – including any specific customer requirements; stock monitoring, stock rotation etc.

    Each warehouse and logistics unit is managed by a supervisor and for key accounts we have team leaders that manage their own staff. Our customised logistics solutions are structured and agreed with each client based upon their specific needs, and designed to optimise supply chain management. All processes are documented to ensure inventory accuracy, cost reduction and on-time delivery. Our warehouse management system ensures that the total control of products is maintained from receipt through to final delivery. The software provides real time visibility, reporting and traceability of the clients stock 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Our warehouse account managers will work with you to understand your warehousing needs

    Payment terms

    10% on signing the contract and balance by either bank transfer or by agreement an irrevocable, transferable, divisible sight letter of credit drawn on a prime world bank.

    ALL Licensed medication can only be supplied on a pro-forma basis by bank transfer basis

    Cheques & credit cards are not accepted