Project Funding

Overseas Trading Services  facilitate, arrange and procure international Project Funding from a variety of sources directly to private clients or Governments for the funding of large infrastructure projects across the world.

Overseas Trading Services  charges a fee equal to 8% (eight percent) of the funding secured for negotiating, arranging, facilitating and securing these loans.
Overseas itself incurs various introduction, facilitation and arrangement fees as well as ongoing annual management and professional fees. If requested
we can introduce clients to our supply chain, contractors of infrastructure and suppliers of energy.

Our key funder is a private equity firm founded 50 years ago, which today is ideally poised to lend in politically stable, dynamic and fast-growing markets across the globe. Their business focus is financing and otherwise supporting compelling business ventures led by solid owners and management. Their driving passion revolves around creating high paying middle income jobs across the globe.
They specialize in funding business ventures with NO minimum and NO MAXIMUM in virtually any industry or sector. The only restriction placed on the amount of financing requested is the business plan and the team implementing the plan must be realistically feasible and capable. In other words, the amount of money requested has to be justified in terms of the Borrower’s ability to use the funds appropriately and repay the loan. We will consider profitable business ventures in most industries.

Our Loan Program was developed through a private, U.S. based, lender and is available to most qualified existing or start-up companies, projects, partnerships, societies, or other legal entities.

The Loan program allows a Borrower to enjoy interest rates as low as 3-4% per annum (APR) for a self-amortizing loan term/period of 15-30 years with flexible options to reduce principal payments without any prepayment penalty. If necessary, the Loan Applicant may also defer beginning loan payments until month 13, 25 or 37.
The lender will leave 100% of the equity with the management and will have a profit share agreement for 50% of the profit.

All successful Loan Applicants must demonstrate the potential to create or retain jobs through their business venture.

The Applicant must demonstrate management capacity and willingness to accept close management consultation and technical assistance throughout the life of the loan. This requirement is dependent upon the Lender’s assessment of the applicant’s management capacity.

Loan decisions are based upon an Enterprise’s ability to create or retain jobs, the principal’s management ability, the businesses available cash flow to repay the loan, and collateral for the loan.

Loans will only be issued in politically stable countries. Ventures without sound and clearly identified means of generating the cash flow and capital needed to make the required loan payments will not meet the Lender’s requirements. Specifically, the Borrower will need to demonstrate that their project is at the “shovel ready” stage with off-takes, if applicable, and where any and all government regulations, permits, licenses, fees or any other similar restrictions, obstructions or “hurdles” have already been cleared, or will, imminently, be cleared.

STEPS TO FUNDING Subject to contract
The Loan Committee will approve or deny a funding request within 60 days upon submission of application and establishment of a deposit of funds by a separate corporate entity into a Prime Bank in London (see below, creation of a new corporate entity). This assumes the Borrower is timely in the processing and returning of the required documentation as well as the establishment of the separate corporation and the deposit of the required funds into the bank account.
Due to the volume of funding requests received, the loan committee requires all loan applicants to be ready to move forward expeditiously with the following steps in the indicated order, to avoid any delay in funding.


  1. Funding of a Good Faith Account (see below creation of a new corporate entity)
    2. The Borrower submits to the lender the following: (Please reference each of the items shown in section 2.1 – 2.7.4 below, in the title or body of each document contained in the package that you submit, along with the last edit date in the title of each file submitted)

2.1. NCND (Non-Compete, Non-Disclosure Agreement) completed as a component of a required P.P.A.
2.2. Current corporate, partnership or other legal business entity P&L and Balance Sheet financials on the contemplated signatory of the loan
2.3. Copies of any Contracts, LOIs or Quotations relating to the project
2.4. Current project Budget and detailed Use of Funds Statement
2.5. Any available Feasibility Study and other descriptive or promotional material

2.6. A 10 Year P&L pro forma evidencing enough accumulated cash flow (EBITDA). The loan will be self-amortizing with a 15-30-year term.
2.7. Required documents:
2.7.1. “Business Plan” showing project feasibility and worth
2.7.2. Financials showing the use of funds (Start Up Cost Summary)
2.7.3. 10 Year P&L Pro forma
2.7.4. 10 Year Pro Forma Cash Flow analysis
3. The Lender initiates its due diligence.
4. The Lender completes its due diligence and submits the Borrower’s project to the Lender.
5. The Lender analyses the Borrower’s project and loan request and makes a decision on whether to proceed, within 3-7 business days (Preliminary Approval).
6. If the loan receives Preliminary Approval, the Lender will respond to the Borrower with:
6.1. A Letter of Intent (LOI) and a Term Sheet,
6.2. A formal Loan Application for obtaining financing,
7. Upon closing, the approved loan proceeds will be deposited via wire transfer into the Borrower’s bank account in the country where the project is located according to a schedule of drawdown payments.

  1. The Bank for the LENDER will authorize all of the transfers and will provide all the paper work to the relevant international agencies declaring the funds to be safe, legitimate and fully compliant with all pertinent, applicable international and US laws and regulation.


We receive hundreds of applications every month for funding. In order for projects that are most likely to succeed rise to the top, we have to use a filter.
There will always be challenges when a business starts up and together we want to be with you, to help and support you through what’s ahead so we need to know that your supply chain or constructors understand your project and are committed to you all the way.
Our funder is able to fund 100% of your funding needs, at a low interest rate, sharing in the profits of your company, whilst leaving management, with 100% of the equity.
In return we need to see that the management is able to show its suppliers and constructors that their project is real (shovel ready), profitable and deserves their support. That is why we ask that you create a Good Faith Account by placing 25% of the loan amount requested into that account.

The requirements of the Good Faith Account are simple.
The funds are not at risk at any point and can be withdrawn if there is a non-performance of any of the contractual obligations of your funding.
• The funds can only be cash funds or cash backed instruments, not assets or non cash backed bank instruments
• The funds are placed into a separate account in the name of a “single-purpose entity” just for this transaction which the owner of the funds completely control. The principal of the funding company must be an officer of this entity, not a director, shareholder, or signatory to that account
The account is and remains fully under the control of the company who has placed funds into it
• The owner of the funds is the ONLY signatory of the account.

• The funds in the account must MUST be visible to the officer of the funding company.
• The funds must remain in the account until loan payments begin in the 13th, 25th or 37th month or according to the agreed “holiday period” outlined in the loan documents.
• Agreed interest will be paid on this account after the agreed holiday period
• Once loan payments begin, your Good Faith Account may be closed with no further lender requirements and may be used to pay down the loan amount.

There is no “catch”.

Our funders have NO ability to use, withdraw, put a lien on, or in any way have access to these funds. The funds remain the property of the owner that placed the funds into the account.

Once the borrower can show to the lender by way of a bank letter( prime world bank ) or other means that they have the funds ready and BEFORE any funds are transferred into the SPV the borrowers bank will be able to confirm with the Lenders Bank that the Lender has the funds available to complete any contractual obligation.

Please feel free to consult with legal counsel about any aspect of this account before proceeding. Our funding representative will be happy to discuss with you about moving forward with funding for your venture.