Project Management

OTS work hand in hand with a supply chain consultancy, based in London who specialise in Housing and Construction delivered from their partners in China. Our relationship is both contractual and based on trust and respect.

OTS believe in a ‘turnkey’ approach to their customer’s projects. We will be there from day one until you project is complete. Turnkey projects or EPC contracts, as we call them, reduces the risk profile whilst enabling UOTS to maximise project possibilities like future proofing buildings, whole campuses and urban environments for their customers.

The company has an ethos of green, environmentally responsible, leading edge construction methods.

Computerised production
We are delighted to offer a personalised production service to our customers, who receive project focused information at each stage of their projects development.

Milestone Tracking Process.

1. Concept, Working with Government/Agency/private requirement & working with local development agencies.
2. Together with our customer we establish the stake holders and the decision makers. We Co-ordinate and review all feasibility studies and financial viabilities. Understanding the project benefits to local communities and reviewing all eco implications
3. Pre-negotiations
4. Reviewing information of project, timeline, finance, product and confirmation of land ownership
5. Applying and obtaining relevant licenses
6. Planning for staff security, accommodation & travel costs
7. Product sourcing in China to meet our client’s expectations
8. Co-ordinate contract price, quotation with supplier
9. Pre-preparation quotation
10. Final presentation
11. Customer price approval
12. Contract placement
13. Contract construction, terms, warrants, copyrights, special requirements
14. Review of draft contract and final contract
15. signing of contracts
16. customers deposits
17. Packaging spec approval with both customer and supplier
18. In work inspection process monitored & approved both with customer and supplier
19. In work delivery day monitored and reviewed
20. Conformation of time lines, shipping , BOL & invoicing
21. Receipt of final payments, reconcile / audit project
22. Long term maintenance and replacement program
23. The “ teamwork” software which is cloud based and multi-language enabled will be provided