Waste Treatment

Waste could be treated by biogas, biomass and waste incineration. Waste incineration is the traditional method of waste treatment, waste incineration is one of the main methods of waste treatment. After incineration, the dimension of waste is reduced, various pathogens could be eliminated, and the poisonous and harmful substances could be translated to innocuous substances


The general temperature of incineration is about 980c after incinerate, incinerator reduce the solid mass of the original waste by 50%080%. Incinerating sorting collection of combustible waste reduces the solid mass of the original waste by 90%.
In recent years combining incineration treatment, thermolysis (1650-1800c) and fusion treatment could further reduce dimension of waste
In addition, the waste resource and recycling waste materials could solve the shortage resource and reduce waste emission, so could kill two birds with one stone


For Waste Incineration

• Adopt advance technology
• Power technical team, professional EPC capability
• Extensive experience in International projects
• Strong financing caperbility
• Lower than the EU emission standard