Wastewater Treatment

We can provide innovative and reliable wastewater treatment systems and services for domestic and industrial markets around the world


1. UASB ( Up-Flow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket )
For starch, brewing, food, farming type of wastewater treatment
2. SBR ( Sequencing Batch Reactor )
For domestic sewage and industrial wastewater treatment
3. USR ( Up-flow Solid Reactor )
For the treatment of food, brewing industry and breeding wastewater
4. EGSB ( Expanded Granular Sludge bed Reactor )
For food, brewing industry and industrial wastewater treatment
Widely used terminology refers to three levels of wastewater treatment: primary, secondary, and tertiary (or advanced).


• Municipal administration wastewater treatment
• Pharmacy Wastewater
• Starch Wastewater
• Fruit and vegetable juice waste